GHS Pictogram Label – Mixed Symbols

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GHS Pictogram Label – Mixed Symbols


Product Features:
  • All 9 pictograms displayed
  • Printed on A4 Page
  • Choose from paper laminated or vinyl
  • Select one of our standard sized or choose your own depending on your container capacity
  • In accordance with the classification system used on GHS labels and safety data sheets
  • All pictograms are diamond shape but positioned as squares on the page to efficiently use the space and provide you with more for your money!

Check our size guide in the Description tab below.

Clear selection
  • Printed on A4 page paper laminated or vinyl. Price varies.
  • Available in multiple sizes. Labels charged per page not per size.
  • In accordance with the classification system used on GHS labels and safety data sheets.
  • Choose the appropriate size depending on the container capacity.
  • If you choose option “Other” we will contact you to request your pictogram size

Size Guide:

Size 15 mm x 15 mm = 198 stickers per page
Size 20 mm x 20 mm = 126 stickers per page
Size 30 mm x 30 mm = 54 stickers per page
Size 40 mm x 40 mm = 12 stickers per page
Size 100 mm x 100 mm = 6 stickers per page
Any size available. The number of stickers/page will change based on label size.

If your order requirements aren’t available online or you would like to add any further requests to your order please feel free to contact us on 1300 822 680 or at

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